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Halloween: A "Spook-tacularly" Eye-catching Time of Year!

Just look at all of these BIG BEAUTIFUL EYE-CATCHING EYES!

The story of Halloween is told to have originated from the Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain where bonfires and costumes were popular to ward off ghosts. Later, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all Saints. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, later to be known as Halloween. Some of the traditions of the early Festival of Samhain were carried forward, and new traditions evolved, including carving pumpkins, dressing in costume, and trick-or-treating for candy.1

And of course...Halloween brings no shortage of creepy glowing or bloodshot eyes, sometimes more than the normal number, and sometimes no longer situated in their intended eye sockets. Rolling around where they don't belong, glowing, glaring, or even missing...eyes are a big part of the holiday, and how can Optometrists and Optometry Teams everywhere NOT join in the fun and embrace the fanatical, albeit potentially gruesome, focus on eyes every October?! The "Eyes" have it, count us in! :-)

Wishing you a Happy and Safe Halloween from your favorite eye place, Gutshall & Kohle Eyecare!



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